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Are Free Backlink Generators Any Good?

Are Free Backlink Generators Any Good?

What are backlink generators?

These are softwares that use automated scripts designed to submit the URL of your website or blog to tons of web directories, forums of websites that accept free submissions. So, basically these generators compare the content of various websites to your seed URL and places an inbound link on such sites. There a lot of website that offer this service free of cost and they are pretty easy to use as well. You just need to provide the URL and click on the submit button and BOOM! The creation of free backlinks starts.


Why are backlink generators used?

For one simple reason – it saves time. Let’s take an example.

You have created a new blog and have published a few posts. It is highly unlikely that your blog will be discovered by Google overnight and you will be promoted to Google’s first page for your keyword. Also, you won’t get a lot of visitors until your blog is discovered by the ‘real’ people. So, to boost organic traffic and gain search rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you can create a few backlinks to your blog posts.

When you start building backlinks, you normally visit a few sites in your niche and read a few blog posts. You can drop in a comment on the post if you like it and can leave a link to your website. This is the most ethical way of building backlinks. Or you can just hire us and choose one of our services and let us do the link building for you.

All our work is manual and more importantly safe. There have been numerous cases where people have tried the free backlinking generators and have had their site downgraded by google and pushed back a few pages.


Are free backlink generators good or bad from an SEO perspective?

For obvious reasons, using backlink generators is a BAD SEO practice. Why? you may ask. Let us look at the following pointers.

1) For starters, all the automated backlinks are created in a very short span of time. With Google’s Penguin update, these links are considered spammy. Why? Beacause they are not natural and are created in an abnormally quick succession.

2) Almost all the links are from sources that don’t have any authority. Most of these websites are not updated frequently and have a very low MoZ score. Remember, as mentioned above, authoritative links are the way to go in modern times.

3) The backlinks are not relevant. Getting a ton of links from external sources that are not relevant to your niche may not yield any benefits. It will only point out to the fact that these links are purchased or created through black-hat techniques and are bad from an SEO perspective.

4) Most of such links are no-follow. Only do-follow links pass link juice.

So, the verdict is pretty clear. Free backlink generators are a strict NO. You should emphasise on creating quality, sharable content that will gradually bring traffic as well as natural links to your website or blog. And of course, you can always use our services and techniques. 

What are nofollow and dofollow backlinks??

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